WSO Protects critical habitats and endangered species globally by means of the sustainability certifications Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth and the related conservation and awareness projects.

Friend of the Sea

Benefits For Companies



Choose Friend of the Sea & Friend of the Earth certified products and help our planet


Safe Seals

The WSO has several official seals for the protection of animals and the environment. such as Dolphin Safe, Turtle Safe, Whale Safe and others.

Conservation Projects

Contribute and participate in conservation projects, campaigns and school awareness.

Sustainable Restaurants

App with list of restaurants with sustainable products.

Promote your product

Access sustainable companies. Marketplace and database. One to One with potential buyers.

Increase visibility

Increase visibility International press release. 
Global promotion in social media.

A reliable partner

+30 years of experience. Independent. Accredited audits.


+70 countries.
+1,000 companies.
+3,000 products.


Seafood and agro, hydroponics, other products and services.

Strict but affordable

Best perfoming benchmarked requirements. Accessible by small-scale and artisanal.

Social accountability

Requirements include social standards.

Help conservation

Company receives Certificate of contribution to Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth conservation projects and awareness campaigns.

Sustainable Index

Official Sustainable Index certificate and authorization to use, following documental evidence and royalties fee (for companies not yet FOS/FOE).

Third-party certification

This is the CORE of WSO’s services. PIF to be filled out – Proposal sent Audit is needed (currently Virtual Audit).

More certification

Depending on the fishery origin, companies can take advantage mostly free of charge of our registered certifications.

Media visibility

WSO’s Media Outreachers contact journalists to increase Mentions value.

1 video Interview

Video recorded interview is edited (free of charge) and published on our promoted Youtube website.

1 Webinar case study

During the webinar the company can highlight its engagement to sustainability.

Restaurants promotion

Seafood restaurants are promoted in our website and medias.

4 One to one meetins

WSO will put all its best effort to organize, with initial 12 months from certification, 4 One to One meetings between potential buyers and companies.

3 consultancies

Companies can request up to 2 consultancies on matters related to sustainable production practices /Market analysis / New technologies.

Products sold on WSO platform

Companies can sell their own products as Vendors in WSO Sustainable Shop.

10 Technical Courses

Company receives Certificate of contribution to Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth conservation projects and awareness campaigns.